COGENT was formed at the end of 2016 to raise the profile and enhance the research of COmbinatorics, GEometry, and Number Theory within the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Cubic surface


Jeremy Booher

Postdoctoral Fellow

Brendan Creutz

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Number Theory
- Algebraic Geometry
- Computational Algebra

Jeanette McLeod

Senior Lecturer
Research Interests:
Combinatorics; in particular asymptotic enumeration, Latin squares, graph colouring and random graphs

Charles Semple

Research Interests:
Combinatorics, phylogenetics, matroid theory

Mike Steel

Distinguished Professor
Fields of Research:
- Algorithms
- Bioinformatics
- Combinatorics
- Discrete and stochastic models
- Mathematical ...

Gunter Steinke

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Automorphism groups of geometries
- Circle geometries and generalized quadrangles
- Finite ...

Felipe Voloch

Fields of Research:
- Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, applications to Coding Theory, Cryptography

Geertrui Van de Voorde

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Finite projective geometry
- Coding theory
- Graph theory