Giulio Dalla Riva

Senior LecturerGiulio Dalla Riva

Internal Phone: 90278


Research Interests

As a data scientist I explore and try to make sense what happens in complex, dynamical networks. I'm interested in ecological networks and the evolutionary processes that modify them in time; in particular I develop mathematical and statistical tools to study the relationship between ecological biodiversity and evolutionary diversity.

I'm also interested in Social Networks, especially online. I try to understand what makes them work in the way they work.

Recent Publications

  • McAllister TG. and Riva GD. (2023) Does the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Endeavour Fund deliver on diversity? Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 53(2): 244-250.
  • Runghen R., Llopis-Belenguer C., McNeill MR., Dalla Riva GV. and Stouffer DB. (2023) Using network analysis to study and manage human-mediated dispersal of exotic species. Biological Invasions
  • Dehling DM., Riva GVD., Hutchinson MC. and Stouffer DB. (2022) Niche Packing and Local Coexistence in a Megadiverse Guild of Frugivorous Birds Are Mediated by Fruit Dependence and Shifts in Interaction Frequencies. American Naturalist 199(6): 855-868.
  • Etta G., Galeazzi A., Hutchings JR., Smith CSJ., Conti M., Quattrociocchi W. and Riva GVD. (2022) COVID-19 infodemic on Facebook and containment measures in Italy, United Kingdom and New Zealand. PLoS ONE 17(5 May)
  • Riva GVD., Hendy S., Ross K. and Sporle A. (2022) Building sustainable health data capability in Aotearoa New Zealand: opportunities and challenges highlighted through COVID-19. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand