About the Biomathematics Research Centre

DNA graph on computer screen

Biomathematics Research Centre

The Biomathematics Research Centre was set up in 1996 to promote Biomathematics and Biostatistics within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Our group of mathematicians and statisticians work with biologists on a wide spectrum of projects. Some of our group are also part of other research centres.

Directions on how to find us can be found on our contact page.

Current on-going research projects include:

  • statistical applications in medicine and ecology
  • analysis of dynamical biological processes using differential equations
  • computational molecular biology and phylogenetics

About Biomathematics

Dr William Moses Feldman invented the word biomathematics which was the title of his 1923 treatice on the subject. Biomathematics is the application of mathematics, statistics and computer science to comtempory problems in biology. It therefore overlaps partly with another newly emerged field, namely, bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics is the application of techniques from computer science to bio molecular and genetic data with the aim of addressing questions in biology, medicine and biotechnology.

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