Mathematics and Statistics course advisors

Our course advisors can help you select the courses that best suit your needs.

100-level Mathematics

Phillipa Gourdie

Lecturer (Teaching)
100-Level MATH Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 424
Internal Phone: 92464

100-level Statistics

Blair Robertson

Associate Professor
Jack Erskine 713

200 and 300-level Mathematics

Miguel Moyers Gonzalez

Associate Professor
Head of Teaching - Mathematics
Jack Erskine 700
Internal Phone: 92467

200 and 300-level Statistics

Fabian Dunker

Senior Lecturer
Head of Teaching - Statistics
Jack Erskine 703
Internal Phone: 90704

400-level (Honours)

Alex James

Jack Erskine 624
Internal Phone: 92425


Phillip Wilson

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar
Jack Erskine 702
Internal Phone: 92438

Jeanette McLeod

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar
Jack Erskine 610
Internal Phone: 92491