EMTH171 Lab Tutor Positions Available

Date: 01 May 2018

Do you enjoy maths and Matlab? 
Are you an outgoing person who is able to explain ideas? 
We want to see you! 
Great tutors are wanted for EMTH171 in Semester 2. 

To be a tutor you need good grades in math and Matlab courses, an outgoing personality, and an interest in helping others to learn. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills and to gain a valuable addition to your CV.

Pay rate: $18.50‒$20.50 per hour depending on qualifications and experience.
Labs are 2 (consecutive) contact hours every week for EMTH171. These are paid at two hours per contact hour to cover additional time for lab preparation and meetings.

Successful applicants MUST be:

  • Able to attend a training morning on Friday 13 July
  • Available for tutoring in each of Weeks 1-11 of Semester 2
  • Able to attend a weekly tutors’ meeting at a time to be arranged (probably Monday 8 am) in weeks 1-11 of Semester 2 

Students' programming lab tasks are given to them in the form of an on-line quiz (using the CodeRunner system which is also used in COSC121, ENCN305, and various other programming courses). You will be expected to prepare thoroughly for each lab by trying all quiz questions for yourself.

In addition tutors are required to:

  • support and promote effective learning by students in the labs
  • supervise a class test (during the regular lab time) 

New tutors are usually asked to tutor one lab (2 contact hours) per week. With preparation time and the weekly tutor meeting, this equates to a commitment of 5 hours work per week.

There may also be some extra help session or lab work and test supervision available (for additional pay).
To apply you need to complete the 2018 EMTH171 tutor application form

  • This can be completed electronically or by hand.
  • If completing electronically, download the form and save, then open in a desktop PDF Reader (eg, Abobe Reader), fill in and save, then email as an attachment. Do not try to complete the form after opening in an internet browser. 

Submit your application form/transcript by email or in paper form:

  • Submit by email to Jenny Harlow,
    • Please use a UC student/postgraduate/staff email address for the submission. Emails from non-UC addresses are likely to be caught by the UC spam filter.
  • Submit in paper form to Mathematics & Statistics Reception, 4th floor, Jack Erskine Building. 

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 21 May 2018.

Enquiries: Jenny Harlow