WIDE Trust Lecturer in Geospatial TechnologiesDr Vega Xu

Forestry Rm 139
Internal Phone: 94765


Research Interests

My research has been focused on remote sensing applications in forestry and natural environment, through processing and analysing LiDAR and satellite imagery to classify forest cover and land cover types, monitor land cover changes, and estimate forest biophysical variables such as height, basal area, volume and biomass.

Recent Publications

  • Manley B., Morgenroth J. and Xu C. (2020) Quantifying the area of the small-scale owners’ forest estate in the East Coast, Hawke’s Bay and Southern North Island. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 64(4): 18-26.
  • Guo T., Morgenroth J., Conway T. and Xu C. (2019) City-wide canopy cover decline due to residential property redevelopment in Christchurch, New Zealand. Science of the Total Environment 681: 202-210.
  • Phiri D., Morgenroth J. and Xu C. (2019) Four decades of land cover and forest connectivity study in Zambia-An object-based image analysis approach. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 79: 97-109.
  • Phiri D., Morgenroth J. and Xu C. (2019) Long-term land cover change in Zambia: An assessment of driving factors. Science of the Total Environment 697
  • Xu C., Manley B. and Morgenroth J. (2019) Describing area and yield for small-scale plantation forests in Wairarapa region of New Zealand using RapidEye and LiDAR. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 49