Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Series

Consulting & climbing: engineering abroad as a digital nomad


Alastair McDowell


Director, EnergyAE, Energy Analysis & Engineering – Enabling innovation for a sustainable future, Sydney, Australia

Time & Place

Fri, 13 Mar 2020 12:00:00 NZDT in Link 309 Lecture Theatre


Alastair completed a Masters thesis project during 2014-15 at UC. Under supervision of Dr. Chris Hann, he focused on analysing building energy systems of Dennis Chapman’s solar powered castle in Tai Tapu. This project required the use of TRNSYS simulation software, which he obtained from a small consultancy in Sydney called EnergyAE. Alastair has since worked for EnergyAE, but over the past 2 years has transitioned to a remote working basis that has given him the opportunity to work while living in outdoor meccas such as the Blue Mountains Australia, Chamonix France and Boulder USA. He now continues to work on consulting projects “remotely” based in Christchurch, always in search of the next adventure – work-wise, and in the mountains.