Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Series

Using inter-channel relationships between EEG signals for detection/prediction of microsleeps


Abdul Baseer Buriro


PhD Student, Neural Engineering Research Group, Electrical and Computer Engineering / Christchurch Neurotechnology Research Programme, New Zealand Brain Research Institute [Supervisors: Richard Jones & Steve Weddell]

Time & Place

Fri, 19 Oct 2018 14:00:00 NZDT in Link 301 Lecture Theatre


Microsleeps are complete arousal-related lapses of responsiveness for ~0.5–15 s, which can result in injury or death, especially in the transport sector (pilots, air-traffic controllers, truck and car drivers, etc.). The Christchurch
Neurotechnology Research Programme (NeuroTech©) is a world leader in lapse research in terms of the characterization and EEG-based detection of microsleeps. However, despite this achievement, the detection – and,
better still, prediction – of microsleeps has proven a difficult nut to crack.

This seminar presents an overview of the rationale, design, implementation, and results of an ECE PhD project focused on using inter-channel features in EEG-based detection and prediction of microsleeps.