Seminar Series

Some interesting papers and tangents from EMBC 2016


Professor Richard Jones


Christchurch Neurotechnology Research Programme

Time & Place

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:00:00 NZDT in Kirkwood KH03


Last year, I attended the world’s premier conference on biomedical engineering – 38th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2016) in Orlando. In this talk, I will give an overview of the overall conference and presentations on human genomics and automation of polysomnography (evaluation of sleep and its disorders). I will then talk about two intriguing tangent areas stimulated during, but not covered by, the conference: (1) organs-on-chips technology and (2) a connection between obstructive sleep apnoea and Alzheimer’s disease.


Professor Richard Jones, Director, Christchurch Neurotechnology Research Programme, Senior Biomedical Engineer, Medical Physics and Bioengineering, Christchurch Hospital, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Neural Engineering Research Group),
Psychology, and Communication Disorders, University of Canterbury