Seminar Series

Towards application monitoring to support bug reproduction


Di Wang


University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Wed, 10 Aug 2022 12:00:00 NZST in JE111


Today’s web applications are often built as Single Page Applications (SPA). Just like with other types of software systems, debugging is a common activity during the development and maintenance of SPAs. To fix bugs observed during run-time, it is useful to first reproduce the bug. However, research has shown that reproducing bugs is not always possible. In this study, we will look into how Application Monitoring (AM) data can impact bug reproduction. We ask two questions: RQ1: How can AM support bug reproduction? RQ2: How does AM impact the performance of the monitored software? We developed an initial version of an AM framework and implemented it in a prototype. Our preliminary investigations using that prototype showed that it not only improves the efficiency of the bug reproduction process but also fills information gaps caused by incomplete bug reports submitted by users. Future work includes deploying the AM framework in more SPA web applications and investigating how application monitoring can be integrated better into software developer workflows.