CSSE Seminar Series

Rust: a revolutionary systems programming language


Nick Cameron


Microsoft New Zealand

Time & Place

Thu, 29 Jul 2021 15:00:00 NZST in JE443


“Rust is a modern systems programming language. It offers high performance and low-level control of memory, making it suitable for applications such as operating systems, web browsers, databases, games, etc. It is memory safe and guarantees data race freedom, meaning it offers huge security advantages over other languages in the systems domain. The language and tooling are expressive, ergonomic, and sound; meaning higher productivity. This talk will give an introduction and overview of the language and its applications, outline current developments, and discuss some of the interesting corners of the language found when using Rust for large, real-world projects.


Nick Cameron is a principal engineer at Microsoft working on Rust. He helped develop Rust at Mozilla through the 1.0 release and 2018 edition. He was a member of the Rust core team and has contributed to its language design, compiler, tools, and project governance. He has worked on distributed databases at PingCAP, and layout and rendering in Firefox at Mozilla. He has a PhD in type systems from Imperial College London.