CSSE Seminar Series

Evaluating Network Technologies for Industrial Vehicular Networks


Sam Pell


University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Mon, 23 Nov 2020 15:00:23 NZDT in E16 - Engineering Core


Vehicular networks are networks of connected vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure sharing information to increase safety and efficiency. These networks are enabled by so called vehicle-to-everything (V2X) wireless technologies. However, traditional road networks are not the only places where vehicular networks can be deployed; they can also be applied to industrial environments. These industrial vehicular networks should provide the same benefits as in traditional road systems, increasing safety and efficiency. Our research focuses on evaluating two competing V2X technologies (Cellular-V2X and IEEE 802.11p) in the new industrial environment. Specifically, we are evaluating each technologies performance by considering a collision detection application for intersections in logistics centres.


Sam Pell is a master’s student in the Wireless Research Centre, supervised by Dr Graeme Woodward and Dr Andreas Willig.