CSSE Seminar Series

Human Movement Identification with Arduino Sensors


Elora Walmisley


University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 11:00:00 NZDT in Erskine 111


The intelliHealth Systems Research Lab at the University of Canterbury conducts research in the area of intelligent and adaptive systems within the health domain. This year, work has begun on a portable movement tracking system using low-priced Arduino inertial measurement unit sensors. The aim of this portable movement tracking system is to provide stroke survivors and physical therapists with the data to progress in physical rehabilitation, and to remove the need for physical therapists to be present at every rehabilitation session. The development of analysis tools for this project, and the evaluation of the movement tracking system were carried out as a single-semester special research topic course at honours level. Here, we describe the construction, development, and pilot study results of the movement tracking system, as well as required future work to improve the system’s accuracy. 


Elora Walmisley is a Software Engineering student at the University of Canterbury, completing the final year of her Bachelor of Engineering (Hons). Under the supervision of Dr. Moffat Mathews, she has worked to design and construct the movement tracking system, and to perform a pilot study evaluating its ability to identify movement.