Seminar Series

Developing New Relational Database Operators for Complex Data Analysis


Paul Wagner


Visiting Erskine Fellow at University of Canterbury, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, USA

Time & Place

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 13:00:00 NZDT in Erskine 111.


While the size of data stores has grown exponentially and the complexity of data has increased significantly over recent years, the standard database operators we work with remain relatively unchanged. We are developing new relational database operators that allow users to more naturally ask and answer complex questions regarding large data sets for tasks such as data mining and big data analysis. We will discuss several operator variants and show how they can help us answer different types of questions that are difficult to answer with the currently available database operators.



Dr. Paul Wagner received his Ph.D. in Computer and Information Sciences in 2001 after originally studying philosophy and law. He has taught computer science in the United States for over 25 years, and worked for 3M Corporation for 5 years before that. Dr. Wagner has research and project interests in database systems, computer security and information assurance, software engineering, computer science education, and the social, legal and ethical implications of computing. He spends his spare time doing distance running, international folk dancing, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, and traveling. He is currently a Visiting Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury.