Theoretical Computer Science

Rochester and rutherford computer lab students working landscape

Research Areas

  • algorithms and data structures
  • computability and complexity
  • formal languages, grammars and automata
  • formal methods of software engineering
  • logic, theorem proving and verification
  • programming language concepts and compilers
  • semantics of programs and specifications


  • Sean Welsh, PhD in Philosophy, ongoing
    Moral Code: Programming the Ethical Robot
    Supervisors: Jack Copeland, Michael-John Turp, Christoph Bartneck and Walter Guttmann
  • Logan Glasson, research project for BSc(Hons) in Computer Science, ongoing
    Lazy Execution in Imperative Languages
    Supervisor: Walter Guttmann


Contact us

Walter Guttmann

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 300
Internal Phone: 92451

Kourosh Neshatian

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 212
Internal Phone: 92455