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I need help with or have a question about ...

Our knowledgeable administrators can help with initial enquiries or refer you to the right staff member.   

Catherine O'Shaughnessy

Undergraduate Administrator
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E424
Internal Phone: 95880

Enrolment and course changes

If you need assistance with enrolment or course changes, contact the director of studies for your year level.

Mark Stringer

Senior Lecturer
1st Pro Director
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E436
Internal Phone: 94638

Frances Charters

Senior Lecturer
Parental leave 2021
Civil and Natural Resources Engineering E307
Internal Phone: 94632

Markus Pahlow

Senior Lecturer
Civil Mechanical Engineering Rm E418
Internal Phone: 92053

Simone Larcher

Civil & Natural Resources E446A
Internal Phone: 90328

Craig McConnochie

4th year Director of Studies
E326 Civil/Mechanical Building
Internal Phone: 90635

Minghao Li

Associate Professor
On Sabbatical July-Dec 2021
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E409
Internal Phone: 92048

Find out more about Practical Work requirements for the BE (Hons) degree.

For general inquiries contact the College's Practical Work Coordinators at

Robin Lee

Practical Work Director of Studies
E441 Civil/Mechanical Building
Internal Phone: 92765

Find out more about final-year projects in Civil and Natural Resources Engineering.

Chin-Long Lee

Senior Lecturer
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E413
Internal Phone: 92063

See full details of our laboratories and facilities or contact our Technical Services Officer.

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students. Contact our department Safety Officer for further advice or information or consult UC's Health and Safety policy guidelines.

David MacPherson

Technical Services Manager
Environmental Engineering Lab / Dept Safety Officer
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering 121
Internal Phone: 92114

I am experiencing ...

Harassment of any kind involving staff, students or visitors, whether on or off campus, is unacceptable. Harassment can be defined as unwelcome, unsolicited and unreciprocated behaviour by a person or group that may offend, humiliate or intimidate another, and interferes with a person’s right to work or study in a non-threatening environment.

If you have a complaint relating to a staff member, student or visitor, the normal procedure would be:

If you have a problem relating to an academic matter, you are encouraged to discuss the problem initially with the member of staff concerned. If you feel uncomfortable about doing this or are unable to resolve the problem satisfactorily, you may seek assistance from your Undergraduate Coordinator or your Professional Year Coordinator.

We encourage students to resolve their problem within the department. Go to UC's process, rights and responsibilities webpage or the Appeals and Grievances Regulations in UC Calendar for more information.

For enrolled students

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