Giuseppe Loporcaro

Lecturer, Architectural EngineeringGiuseppe Lopocaro

Director of Studies, Earthquake Engineering
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E311


Research Interests

My research interests are linked to different aspects of buildings design (i.e. architectural, structural, materials selection, etc.) and buildings conservation. My previous research projects include the development of a low-invasive technique for the damage assessment of steel reinforcement in earthquake damage buildings; the effects of earthquakes on the mechanical and fatigue properties of steel reinforcement.

I am leading a large research project on the use of 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) in low- and medium-density residential buildings. The research aims to develop low-carbon concrete mixes and earthquake-resilient structural elements and systems suitable for 3DCP technologies.

Currently taking PhD applications in the following topics:

- Low-carbon 3D Concrete Printing materials
- Design and FEM analysis of 3DCP structural elements
- Experimental testing of 3DCP structural elements
- Automation in construction

Scholarships available to the right candidates.

Recent Publications

  • Loporcaro G., Cuevas A., Pampanin S. and Kral MV. (2022) Strain-ageing effects on the residual low-cycle fatigue life of low-carbon steel reinforcement. Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions 55(2)
  • Müssig J., Clark A., Hoermann S., Loporcaro G., Loporcaro C. and Huber T. (2020) Imparting materials science knowledge in the field of the crystal structure of metals in times of online teaching: A novel online laboratory teaching concept with an augmented reality application. Journal of Chemical Education 97(9): 2643-2650.
  • Loporcaro G., Pampanin S. and Kral MV. (2019) Long-term strain-ageing effects on low-carbon steel reinforcement. Construction and Building Materials 228
  • Loporcaro G., Pampanin S. and Kral MV. (2018) Estimating Plastic Strain and Residual Strain Capacity of Earthquake-Damaged Steel Reinforcing Bars. Journal of Structural Engineering 144(5) 04018027: 9.
  • Dizhur D., Simkin G., Giaretton G., Loporcaro G., Palermo A. and Ingham J. (2017) Performance of winery facilities during the 14 November 2016 Kaikōura earthquake. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering 50(2): 206-224.