Mofreh Saleh

Director of Studies, TransportationMofreh Saleh

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E405
Internal Phone: 95118

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:
-Advanced dynamic material characterization
-Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation
-Pavement modelling by finite elements method
-Vehicle-Pavement Interaction modelling
-Laboratory Testing of Soils and Bituminous materials

Recent Publications

  • Lu DX., Nguyen N., Saleh M. and Bui H. (2019) Experimental and numerical investigations of non-standardised SCB test for asphalt concrete mixtures. International Journal of Pavement Engineering.
  • Lu DX., Saleh M. and Nguyen NHT. (2019) Effect of rejuvenator and mixing methods on behaviour of warm mix asphalt containing high RAP content. Construction and Building Materials 197: 792-802.
  • Saleh M. (2019) Effect of Anisotropy and Nonlinearity Assumptions on the Predicted Surface Deflections. International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology.
  • Saleh M. (2018) Modified wheel tracker as a potential replacement for the current conventional wheel trackers. International Journal of Pavement Engineering : 1-9.
  • Saleh M. and van der Walt JD. (2018) Evaluation of the Structural Capacity of Rigid Pavements at the Network Level. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering