Mitchell Anderson

PhD CandidateMitchell Anderson

Research Title: Innovating Local Climate Risk Assessments

Mitchell's research lies at the intersection of risk analysis and urban planning. Specifically, he asks the question: How can we better design and prepare our cities for the future? Specifically, how can we use data-driven approaches to improve the safety, vibrancy, livability, and resilience of our cities? Mitchell is helping to develop analytical tools that aid local councils and decision-makers to better understand the impacts of natural hazards within the built, human, natural, and cultural domains. This data-driven and risk-informed approach helps decision-makers to better understand and evaluate impacts throughout these domains and therefore enables more effective long term investments that can maximise synergies and minimise trade-offs. Currently, Mitchell is working closely with community partners such as the Coastal Hazards Adaptation team within the Christchurch City Council as well as the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office. Finally, Mitchell co-directs a resilience consulting firm to aid organisations with bespoke data-driven solutions; see for more information.

See here for a list of publications.


Start date: 2021

Proposed end date: 2024

Type of position sought: Industry