mansour johari SPC

PhD CandidateMansour Johari Foroshani

Research Title: Traffic dynamics in large-scale urban networks: modelling and estimation

Mansour's main research interests include the understanding and modeling of traffic congestion propagation in urban networks. He then is interested in employing these models to design policies and strategies (like congestion pricing) to mitigate traffic congestion. Mansour has the experience and knowledge of working with different traffic engineering software like Aimsun, Saturn and coding with different programming languages like Python and Matlab. He not only has worked with mathematical modeling approaches and simulation software but also has experience in designing and implementing a survey for data gathering. Mansour's recent research includes enhancing the network-level macroscopic traffic models for multi-modal urban networks.


Start date: 2019

Proposed end date: 2022

Type of position sought: Academic, Industry