Junan Mou

PhD CandidateJunan Mou

Research Title: Fatigue Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Reinforcing concrete (RC) structures in seismically-active regions are susceptible to undergo cyclic inelastic deformations in their critical regions that can lead to cover spalling, concrete crushing, bar buckling and bar fracture due to low-cycle fatigue damage. These failure modes can result in irreversible structural damage, causing the structure to lose its lateral load-carrying capacity. Junan’s research aims to develop a methodology to numerically assess the low-cycle fatigue damage and residual life of RC structures after being subjected to a sequence of seismic ground motions.


  • Rajesh Dhakal
  • Reagan Chandramohan
  • Mayank Tripathi

Start date: 2021

Proposed end date: 2024

Type of position sought: Academic, Research, Industry