Hossein Soleimankhani SP

PhD CandidateHossein Soleimankhani

Research Title: Accounting for building torsional behaviour during strong earthquake shaking

After years of professional experience as a structural engineer, designing buildings in high seismic regions, Hossein developed a strong interest in dynamic behaviour of structures under ground shaking and earthquake-resistant design of buildings. As his PhD study, he has been looking at seismic response of yielding structures with torsional irregularities and developed a simple design method to estimate the complex behaviour of structures with inelastic torsional response. He has also been quantifying the accuracy of the methods embodied in the current building design codes for allowance for torsion. Hossein was granted a fellowship at University of Naples (Federico II), where he assessed vulnerability of masonry buildings subject to rapid hydrogeological hazards.


Start date: 2018

Proposed end date: 2021

Type of position sought: Industry