Fransiscus Arifin

PhD CandidateFransiscus Arifin

Research Title: Seismic Performance: Assessment and Improvement of Glazing and Windows
I am fascinated by the advanced mechanics and maths it takes to tackle earthquake engineering

Fransiscus Asisi Arifin is currently in the third year of his PhD research in Earthquake Engineering. He undertook his undergraduate studies in Indonesia, where he was fascinated by the advanced mechanics and maths it takes to tackle earthquake engineering. “I fell in love with it then”.  After working for a year in a team designing a 33-storey apartment in Indonesia, it became apparent to him that the Indonesian understanding of earthquake engineering is not enough and he needed to learn more.

This brought him to the University of Canterbury, which in his view “is one of the best earthquake engineering universities in the world”. This is where he met his supervisor, Professor Tim Sullivan.  He introduced Fransiscus to the world of modern performance-based earthquake engineering (PBEE), which links earthquake engineering to economy and was hooked. He hasn’t look back since.

Fransiscus completed a Master’s degree and continued on doing a PhD. Both on modern PBEE.  He is currently working on the seismic glazing systems project. “We have designed an experimental procedure to determine when glazing systems will need repair during an earthquake. We are working on how much it will cost to repair it as well and the behaviour of glazing systems.” Fransiscus achieved a top mark for his Master’s research entitled “Identification of Cost-Effective Retrofit and/or Rehabilitation Strategies for Steel Buildings.”

When not tackling structures and earthquake engineering, Fransiscus enjoys playing the saxophone and listening to music. 


Start date: 2017

Proposed end date: 2021