amir orumiyehei

PhD CandidateAmirhossein Orumiyehei

Research Title: Probabilistic displacement based assessment

Amir’s research focuses on the probabilistic displacement based assessment. The displacement-based assessment procedure of Priestley and co-authors was formulated to provide either a pass-fail type of assessment or an indication of the likelihood of exceeding a selected limit state. To account for the effect of uncertainty in demand and capacity as part of displacement-based assessment, it has also been shown that the SAC-FEMA approach can be adopted. Amir has reassessed the IM-EDP relationship for different material and structural systems by examining single degree of freedom systems’ behavior. The newly proposed IM-EDP relationship is trialled for reinforced concrete wall buildings as multi degree of freedom systems. This research aims to facilitate the assessment of seismic risk associated with existing buildings and the decision making process to help clients for better protecting their assets in seismic prone regions.


Start date: 2016

Proposed end date: 2021

Type of position sought: Academic