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Postdoctoral FellowClemence Vannier

Area of Research: Agriculture, environment
Internal Phone: 90349

Clemence is a geographer who conducts research into socio-ecosystems. That means she is investigating environmental issues related to landscape characteristics and management systems and she analyses societies options to protect human health and well-being. The use of geospatial tools is central in her research. She develops novel landscape analysis approaches, and evaluates new remote sensing and GIS products. She also develops quantitative and spatial models using GIS, geostatistics, agent-based and system dynamics modelling approaches. She holds a PhD in remote sensing and modelling of agricultural practices in the Brittany region (France). She taught geography at the University of Paris Sorbonne, and completed postdoctoral fellowship on mapping and scenario modelling of changes in land use and ecosystem services in the French Alps, as part of a FP7 European project entitled OPERAs – "Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications". She has worked for the French space agency (CNES) to investigate the role of land use and land cover in residential exposures to agricultural pesticides. She has developed a field protocol measurement in the Waipara region of New Zealand. She has work at the GeoHealth Laboratory and the Geography Department of the University of Canterbury to develop geospatial solutions to help strengthen community well-being in Christchurch. Since February 2020 she is based at the Civil and Natural Resources Engineering department to work on agricultural systems and develop sustainable future scenarios for New Zealand. She is working for the Future Agriculture project to develop informed strategies, and assess options, scenarios, pathways and interventions for transforming and strengthening the agricultural sector over the next 5-30 years under Carbon neutral and National Freshwater incentives. She develops and models a quantitative and spatial framework of the New Zealand agricultural system to identify and assess the main risks and opportunities for the sector at a national scale under various scenarios. Her work at the department should assess policy influence at the landscape scale and how changes impact productivity, sustainability and resilience.


Start date: 2020

Proposed end date: 2022

Type of position sought: Research