Chris de la Torre SP

Post Doctoral FellowChris de la Torre

Area of Research: Geotechnical earthquake engineering and seismic ground response analysis

Chris' research interests lie in improving and validating our current techniques for geotechnical seismic ground response analysis. For his PhD, at University of Canterbury, he combined 3D physics-based ground motion simulations with conventional nonlinear site response analysis, and found that these predictions of earthquake ground motions can rival or surpass the performance of convention empirical prediction models. Chris has also studied the influence of soil heterogeneity and wave scattering on 2D site response using spatially correlated random fields. The overall aim of his research is to model more of the physical phenomena that contribute to site response to improve our predictive capabilities. He is currently working on understanding and modelling site effects and basin effects in Wellington as part of the New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Model update. He is also working in the geotechnical lab performing cyclic triaxial testing to characterise the liquefaction resistance of CentrePort, Wellington reclamation soils.


Start date: 2021

Proposed end date: 2023

Type of position sought: Academic, Research