Meet CNRE's Newest Postdoctoral Fellow

18 February 2021

A very warm welcome to the CNRE's newest Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Mehrnoush Tangestani

  • Mehrnoush
A very warm welcome to our newest Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Mehrnoush Tangestani
Mehrnoush is an Applied Biotechnology Researcher. Her research expertise includes, but not limited to, investigating methods of using microorganisms as microscopic factories to produce value-added compounds and bioactive materials with implications in environmental, agricultural, nutritional, and energy sectors.
She has an MSc in microbiology and has worked in one of the biggest biotechnology research centers in Asia, IROST, which is a leading organization affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and provides services in fulfilling the country's scientific, technical, and engineering requirements through supporting applied and developmental research as well as developing new technologies.
She has worked in the area of microbial bioremediation of oil-polluted water and soils, microalgal-based biofuel production, and fermentation processes.
Mehrnoush obtained her👩‍🎓 PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering in October 2019 from the University of Canterbury, during which she made a state-of-the-art algal growth system and developed an innovative light exposure pattern targeting production of microalgal omega-3 fatty acids in airlift photobioreactors. The research that allowed her to leverage both biotechnology and bioprocess engineering skills in product development, for which she received the 🏅University of Canterbury Highly Commended Student Research Award for outstanding contribution to sustainability. 🏅
Before accepting the role of Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Civil & Natural Resources Engineering, Mehrnoush worked as a Research Scientist for 1.5 years at the New Zealand Crown Research Centre Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, focused on environmental, biodiversity, and sustainability projects.
Mehrnoush and her husband Matt are travel and nature lovers! They enjoy travelling to different counties and getting to know about new cultures where they love exploring food and places. (No thanks to COVID-19!)
 “I love the great outdoors and you can possibly find me in one the beautiful trails in Canterbury over the weekends if the weather condition is OK!”, She says.

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