Civil and Natural Resources Laboratory Tours


Considering studying Civil and Natural Resources Engineering?

If you are at high school, currently at the university or returning to study from the workforce, it might help to come and visit us.

Led by one of our current students, you will be taken on a 20 minute tour of our main labs.  The guides will be happy to answer any general questions you may have at the time. You are welcome to bring someone.

Plus we can send you some more information after the tour regarding any of the Civil and Natrual Resources Engineering specialties that you are interested in.

Meet current engineering students and get their advice on how to make the most of your time at university.

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Commonly asked questions

Are the guides allowed to enrol me?

No, our guides are current students so you will need to talk to admin here, but you certainly can ask them about how they managed their way through the enrolment process. Some may have studied your specialisation so they will be able to give you more specific course advice, but your best point of contact is the School of Engineering office at

How long is this degree?

We are a professional degree and it takes 4 years to complete this Bachelor of Civil Engineering Honours degree.

What subjects do I need from school?

You will need Maths, Physics and Chemistry at NCEA Level 3.

Is it one degree?

No, you have two degree options – One for Civil Engineering, and one for Natural Resources Engineering. (We are the only university in the world to offer Natural Resources Engineering). 

How much can I earn when I complete my degree?

According to the 2021 Engineering NZ Renumerations Survey you will on average earn a graduate salary of NZD$67,000 with General Managers holding a bachelors degree earing an average NZD$247,450

What will I be studying in my first year? 

Every student does an intermediate year covering the same core subjects of: engineering academic skills, foundations of engineering, engineering mechanics, waves, electromagnetism and thermal physics, engineering mathematics, introduction to programming, engineering mechanics, and, chemical principles and processes.

Then in their second-year students select a specialty area of engineering such structural engineering, fluid mechanics and hydrology, civil systems engineering, Environmental engineering, engineering management, ecological engineering, geotechnical engineering, fire engineering, and transportation.

What are the minimum Grade Averages required?

There are no minimum grade averages, your application will be assessed on your NCEA results. You should aim to have at least:

        • 14 credits in Level 3 maths or calculus including both differentiation and integration
        • 14 credits in Level 3 physics
        • 14 credits in Level 3 chemistry.

What happens if I fail one of my courses?

Some courses are offered again in Summer School but we recommend students talk to the course supervisors as early as possible if they are finding aspects challenging.

How will these tours operate under the Covid-19 Protection Framework?

Although mask wearing is no longer compulsory under the Governments’ Orange setting in most places on campus, our very strong public health advice is that all our staff and students are strongly encouraged to wear one wherever physical distancing is not possible. This includes in teaching and research settings, and in our libraries.

Masks are required to be worn at our campus retail outlets.

Are there vaccination requirements to join this tour?

There are no vaccination requirements for this tour.

Are there specific clothing or footwear requirements?

All tour attendees and staff must wear a face mask when entering the faculty building. The tours will also walk through active research and lab environments, so for your comfort and safety please wear closed-toed shoes.

Can I take photos during the tour?

Photography is allowed on site and during the tour. However, we ask that you request permission before taking photos of staff and students or their work.

Where do I meet the guide?

Met the guide at UC Engineering Core foyer, beside Room 120.

Who do I contact to book a tour

You can contact to book a tour of the ‘Civil Engineering Labs’. 


There’s paid public and disability parking available outside Security, please purchase your permit from the Security Building on Ilam Road. This is the closest off-street carpark to our Labs.

How do I enrol

For further information on enrolling please contact:  or visit