Ken Morison

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Research Interests

My core focus is dairy & food process design. Design of dairy processes can begin at a very general level with decisions about product mix and overall flowsheets. This is followed by the design of individual processes and many of the designs, such as evaporators and membrane filtration plants, can be done from engineering fundamentals. One aim of this research is to develop design methodologies for as many aspects of dairy processing as possible. Such designs often require more fundamental scientific information, especially physical properties. Recently projects to obtain such information include production of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA from algae, physical properties of honey, ion speciation in milk, falling-film minimum wetting rates, surface tension, contact angle, viscosity of dairy products.

Some processes in the dairy industry can be understood better by developing models. Models of ultrafiltration, cheese production and evaporator flows have been developed to show which parts of a design are most important. This work will be extended to cover many other dairy processes.

Project themes include:
- Design of dairy processes
- Physical properties of dairy products
- Ion speciation and solubility in milk
- Falling film wetting in evaporators
- Protein ion-exchange
- Dielectric properties of foods
- Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis: membrane failure and fouling
- Properties of concentrated sugar solutions including honey
- Crystallisation from viscous solutions
- EPA fatty acid from microalgae

Recent Publications

  • Edens SJ., Drake KT., Harvey-Reid NC., Morison KR., Kruger PE. and Cowan MG. (2023) Experimental Measurement of Pure and Mixed-Gas Kinetics of Ethylene and Ethane Adsorption onto Mordenite, Zeolite 13X, and ZJU-74a: Insights into the Value of Single- vs Mixed-Gas Kinetics, Validity of IAST and Sips Isotherm Models, and Temperature/Pressure Relationships for Process Modeling. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 62(21): 8396-8409.
  • Reynolds BW., Fee CJ., Morison KR. and Holland DJ. (2023) Characterisation of Heat Transfer within 3D Printed TPMS Heat Exchangers. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 212
  • Subbiah B., Blank UKM. and Morison KR. (2020) A review, analysis and extension of water activity data of sugars and model honey solutions. Food Chemistry 326
  • Weaver NJ., Wilkin GS., Morison KR. and Watson MJ. (2020) Minimizing the energy requirements for the production of maple syrup. Journal of Food Engineering 273
  • Tew XW., Fraser-Miller SJ., Gordon KC. and Morison KR. (2019) A comparison between laboratory and industrial fouling of reverse osmosis membranes used to concentrate milk. Food and Bioproducts Processing 114: 113-121.