Current Postgraduate Students 

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PhD Candidates

Harry Cahyanto

Development of a novel catalyst for hydrogen generation from water-gas-shift reaction
Supervisor: Alex Yip

Jorge Campos

Harnessing photometanotrophic metabolism to convert methane to polymers
Supervisor: Carlo Carere

Jhulimar Castro

Process modelling of green hydrogen production from biomass gasification and gas processing with CO2 capture.
Supervisor: Shusheng Pang

Sam Edens

A process for low-energy alkane/alkene separation
Supervisors: Matthew Cowan, Daniel Holland

Katie Ellis

Mechanical and biomedical modelling of highly invasive endometriotic tissue
Supervisor: Rachael Wood

Kathryn Ford

High Temperature Molten Oxide Electrolysis to Produce Metals
Supervisors: Matt James Watson, Aaron Marshall, Catherine Bishop

Mathew Hawken

MRI Imaging of Fluid Flow through 3D Printed TPMS structures
Supervisors: Daniel Holland, Petrik Galvosas, Daniel Clarke

Alex Heenan

Electrocatalytic Co2 reduction

John Iminabo

Production of clean hydrogen gas via the catalytic reforming of producer gas from the steam gasification of radiata pine.
Supervisor: Shusheng Pang

Matthew Joe

Upcycling Coal Pitch into Carbon Fibre for use in Battery Electrodes
Supervisor: Heon Park

Luckmore Kadzungura

3-D printed porous media for process engineering
Supervisor: Ken Morison

Danish Laidin

Development of a denitrifying bio-electrochemical system to treat nitrate polluted groundwater in South Canterbury region
Supervisor: Carlo Carere

Lilian Lin

Development of Medical Sealant with Smart Fibres
Supervisor: Heon Park

Tianzhao Liu

Design and application of a zeolite-based three-way catalyst for CO2 reduction and H2 generation
Supervisor: Alex Yip

Sophie McArdle

Enhancing the Performance of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery through Electrode Modifications

Jack Muir

Precipitation of calcium tartrate and other components in wine

Pitambar Poudel

Preparation, characterization and testing of catalytic carbon for redox flow battery

Anna Pryor

Reduction in Methane Emissions from Dairy Barns by Microbial Oxidation in Biofilters

Harikrishnan (Harry) Raghavan

Fabrication of defect-free MOF membranes

Zeinab Rahnama

Heat transfer in complex structured porous media (3D printed porous media: heat exchangers)
Supervisor: Daniel Holland

Simon Reid

Evaluation of 3D printed catalyst beds for hydrogen peroxide decomposition
Supervisor: Matt James Watson

Matt Rennie

Physiological and Environmental Factors Affecting the Sap Flow of Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Saplings Grown in New Zealand
Supervisors: Matt James Watson, Justin Morgenroth

Dana Stone

Forming metal organic framework glasses into defect free membranes
Supervisors: Matthew Cowan, Alex Yip

Campbell Tiffin

Electrochemical reduction of CO2 into fuels: role of mass transport within porous electrodes
Supervisor: Aaron Marshall

Laura Titheridge

Development and optimisation of electrocatalytic layers for AEM water electrolysers
Supervisor: Aaron Marshall

Waheed Waheed Ul Hasan

Design and modelling of absorber/stripper system for tars removal from producer gas.
Supervisor: Shusheng Pang

Shallu Verma

Automated NMR Analysis of Illicit substances
Supervisor: Daniel Holland

Mingyang Xia

Effects of engineering processes on the flavour and function properties of pea protein

Chunyan Zeng

Photoelectrochemical reduction of micropollutants in hydroponics
Supervisor: Alex Yip

XueQi (Chichi) Zhang

Development and performance investigation on CO2 capture and oxygen-carrier materials for application in biomass steam gasification.
Supervisor: Shusheng Pang

ME Candidates

Sajith Kaniyadan Baiju

Ionic liquid anti-fouling coatings for marine environments
Supervisor: Matthew Cowan

Kenny Peat

Optimisation of nitrogen pressure swing adsorption process
Supervisor: Matt James Watson

Josh McArdle

Hydrogen/iron production from olivine separation (Aspiring Materials)
Supervisor: Matt James Watson

Connor McKay

Turning NZ dairy organic waste into H2 fuel using New Zealand extremophiles
Supervisor: Carlo Carere

Recently awarded PhD/ME thesis students

Sunday Nwoba

Utilization of RNA-Stable Isotope Probing in Identification of Methane-driven Denitrification Pathways
Supervisor: Peter Gostomski

Emma Buckeridge

Investigating light dependent methane loss in Galdieria
Supervisor: Carlo Carere

Emmanual Egbadon

Supervisor: Peter Gostomski

Navid Erfani

Improvement of Heat Transfer Inside Steam Methane Reformers Using Evolutionary Structural Optimization.
Supervisor: Matt James Watson

Megan Girdwood

Separation of Vanadium from Ironsands for use in Redox Flow Batteries
Supervisor: Aaron Marshall

Gabriela Junk

Recovery of Arsenics from CCA Treated Wood
Supervisor: Shusheng Pang

Mutjalin Limlamthong

Synthesis of MFI zeolite via Inter-Zeolite Transformation

Alex Miller

Pyrolysis of waste polyethylene for recovery of energy
Supervisor: Shusheng Pang

Rebecca Newport

High Temperature Molten Oxide Electrolysis to Produce Metals
Supervisors: Matt James Watson, Aaron Marshall, Catherine Bishop

Jamie Robinson

Investigation of Continuum Descriptions of Granular Flow
Supervisor: Daniel Holland

Bismark Sarpong

Supervisor: Matt James Watson

Cassidy Van Vuuren

Characterization of the hydrogen reduction of NZ iron sand using thermal analysis techniques
Supervisors: Matt James Watson, Aaron Marshall

Recently submitted PhD/ME thesis students

Gavin Hedley

Process engineering for low energy olefin/paraffin separation
Supervisor: Matthew Cowan

Johan Hamonnet

Electrocatalytic electrodes for redox flow batteries
Supervisor: Aaron Marshall

Mahnaz Shahverdi

Membrane Separation in the Dairy Industry
Supervisor: Ken Morison

Michael Lee

Steam reforming and hydrogenation of methane.
Supervisor: Alex Yip

Misel Iminabo

Catalytic Flash Pyrolysis for Production of High Balue Products
Supervisor: Shusheng Pang