Peter Gostomski

ProfessorPeter Gostomski

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Internal Phone: 93805

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research interests lay in bioprocess engineering, essentially convincing bacteria and fungi to do something interesting including degradation of compounds (biofiltration, wool scour colour) or production of compounds (microbial cellulose, methanol). Many of my projects are interconnected through my interest in unsaturated biofilms. Through control and manipulation of the unsaturated water environment, I am trying understand their metabolism and to enhance their activity.
-Understanding the hydrodynamic and biological fundamentals of three phase, low water content, biological reactor systems. This includes reaction systems such as biofiltration, trickle beds, and vadoze zone, in situ bioremediation.
-Use of novel organisms grown under harsh biological conditions or maintained in non-growth conditions for high volume transformations that are less susceptible to contamination.
-Microbial dynamics with respect to transient responses of pure cultures and dynamics of mixed cultures. Investigation of time-dependent models for control research.
-Applications of advanced control in fermentation. Development of feedback control in distributed parameter and multi-nutrient dependent systems along with novel sensor implementation.

Recent Publications

  • Bordoloi A. and Gostomski PA. (2019) Carbon recovery and the impact of start‐up conditions on the performance of an unsaturated Pseudomonas putida biofilm compared with soil under controlled environmental parameters in a differential biofilter. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 94(2): 600-610.
  • Bordoloi A. and Gostomski PA. (2019) Fate of degraded pollutants in waste gas biofiltration: An overview of carbon end-points. Biotechnology Advances 37(4): 579-588.
  • Bordoloi A., Gapes DJ. and Gostomski PA. (2019) The impact of environmental parameters on the conversion of toluene to CO2 and extracellular polymeric substances in a differential soil biofilter. Chemosphere 232: 304-314.
  • Mazumdar N., Novis PM., Visnovsky G. and Gostomski P. (2019) Effect of culturing parameters on the vegetative growth of Haematococcus alpinus (strain lcr-cc-261f) and modeling of its growth kinetics. Journal of Phycology 55(5): 1071-1081.
  • Mazumdar N., Novis PM., Visnovsky G. and Gostomski PA. (2019) Effect of nutrients on the growth of a new alpine strain of Haematococcus (Chlorophyceae) from New Zealand. Phycological Research 67(1): 21-27.