About the MEM

  • Master of engineering in management class of 2017

    The MEM class of 2017 kicked off their year with a teambuilding exercise at Christchurch's Adrenaline Forest.

The MEM is a full-time programme and no part-time study can be accommodated. All courses are specifically designed and given only for this degree. Main papers are structured in a modular manner and extensive use is made of lecturers from industry. Students must complete all papers and workshops, a practical management assignment and a major project.

The Master of Engineering Management is professional in content and is taught from the perspective of a business manager as well as an entrepreneur. Extensive use is made of lecturers from industry and practice, rather than only using professional academics. Teaching methods combine case studies, quantitative analysis and simulation. Group work is specifically encouraged and practice-related situations are created.

All Engineering disciplines must now include knowledge of the process aspects of engineering as well as sound business principles, coupled with entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation capabilities.

MEM graduates have skills in finance, accounting, law, marketing, human resources, operations, quality, project, innovation and technology management, as well as some practical hands-on experience with handling an advanced engineering management and business management or commercialisation project.

  • ENMG 601 Engineering Accounting 
  • ENMG 602 Engineering Economics and Finance 
  • ENMG 603 Legal and Human Resources 
  • ENMG 604 Technology, Innovation and Engineering Management
  • ENMG 605 Marketing, Selling and Service

Student projects, that are sourced and negotiated by the students as proof of their initiative, tackle real-world engineering management issues.

From October to February, students will put at least 700 hours on a full-time basis into a project in industry for a company they source. This work is done off campus and can be performed anywhere in the world.

Most of our students are paid a scholarship or fee for the project that they negotiate with the sponsoring company.

Companies have long recognised the value of associating with the programme, whether through sponsoring projects or employing MEM graduates. In some cases a sponsored project acted as a year-long employment interview. Benefits experienced by these companies are:

  • Start-up possibilities are investigated
  • Opportunities for growth are explored
  • Solutions to process problems found
  • Cost-effectiveness and feasibility investigations
  • Market investigations
  • Business strategies and plans generated
  • Commercialisation of in-house technologies
  • Access to high-level engineering graduates with management knowledge

Past Project Report Titles

Class of 2016

Name Project TitleSponsors
Megan Ball  Development of a tool to assess the resilience of Canterbury lifelines The Canterbury Lifeline Utilities Group, Ecan, AECOM and the University of Canterbury
Grant Bicknell Rutherford - Naval Engineering futures for Royal New Zealand Navy Royal New Zealand Navy
Alison Faulls  Commercialisation of products and services offered by Christchurch Hospital's Medical Physics and Bioengineering department Canterbury District Health Board
Nicholas Galwey Investigation into the potential shortfall of skilled and experienced Test and Power Technicians across the generation industry Meridian Energy Limited, Electricity Engineers' Association and Stay Live Group
Levi Grady Beca Business Improvement Beca Group Limited
Timothy Greene Lean Logistics for Christchurch Engine Centre Christchurch Engine Centre
Emily Gaulter Optimisation of irrigation tenders Downer New Zealand
Jason Hursthouse Business case for diversification into the aerospace industry Holmes Solutions
Ben Jar Real-time feedback to spray dryer operators to enable better decision making at Synlait Milk Limited Synlait Milk Limited
Richard Langley An investigation into the benefits of off-site bathroom pod manufacture
Construction Components New Zealand Limited
Canning Mason Superconducting Magnetic Separation Market Assessment magniX Technologies Pty Limited
Nehemiah Miles Market adoption of emerging disruptive technologies Engin Systems Ltd
Gareth Owens Optimal warehouse layout at Synlait Milk Limited Synlait Milk Limited
Matthew Palmer Workplace collaboration through remote working Calibre Consulting
Dee Renai Air New Zealand Internship report 2016/17 Air New Zealand Limited
Amiel Shanan Improvement of loss monitoring system at Synlait Milk Limited Synlait Milk Limited
Angela Smith Utilisation and Efficiency in the Wet Mix Kitchen at Synlait Milk Limited Synlait Milk Limited
Trent Summers Higgins Construction quality process improvement Higgins Group Holdings Ltd
Thomas WarBRick Procurement problems with the automated MRP system, M3 at Synlait Milk Limited Synlait Milk Limited
Chris Vidal Emissions inventory, solutions and recommendations for Wellington Airport Wellington International Airport Limited

Class of 2015

Name Project Title Sponsor
Elizabeth Atchley High PSV aggregate exploration Fulton Hogan Limited
Blake Burgess Investigation into the potential impacts, threats and opportunities posed by emerging technologies on Orion's network and business Orion New Zealand Ltd
Rupert Curlett An internship with Howard & Company Howard & Company
Jacob Fairhall Internship to develop the skills and knowledge required to be a competent and professional forest engineer NZ Forestry Ltd
Ben Fox Execution in planning projects based on Zero Harm contribution Downer NZ Limited
Danny Garry Business case development for turbine replacement at Clyde and Roxburgh hydroelectric power stations Contact Energy Limited
Jimmy Harris Internship with Windflow Technology Limited Windflow Technology Limited
Katherine Huggins Business case - The Real Panda Initiative Synlait Milk Limited
Phil Jack Improving tender resource effectiveness at Hunter Civil Limited Hunter Civil Limited
Samantha Jones Validating a business idea: A case study on Little Yellow Bird  
Lina Kay  Business case - Operation Honey Badger Synlait Milk Limited
Erika Kuhn Business case - The sun bear directive Synlait Milk Limited
Jannie Loots Innvovation implementation and Western Belfast Bypass Fulton Hogan Limited
Finlay Meldrum Developing pipeline installation options for the Hunter Downs Irrigation Scheme Beca and Hunter Downs Irrigation
Katie Meldrum Validation and feasibility of OSOLAS - an inspirational careers based website  
Simon Murrow Cost effective vegetation management using aerial survey Transpower
Patrick O'Donnell Strategic and management plans for Opus infrastructure team Opus International Consultants
Ali Palmer Review of service delivery resource and project planning processes at Connectics Connetics Limited
Claire Wild Engineers Without Borders: Supplementing revenue through social enterprise Engineers Without Borders
Emily Wilson Utilising Mobile Data Collection Software Beca

For all past project titles please see our project archive.

  • Team Building
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time and Meeting Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Requirements
  • Contract Management
  • Conditions of Contract
  • Business Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Mediation
  • Engineering Management
  • Determining Investment Deals
  • Communications
  • Internationalisation Experts
  • Persuasive Proposal Development
  • Team Leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Business Start Up
  • Specification Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Business Planning
  • Value Analysis
  • Business Ethics
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Open Strategy
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Agile | Lean
  • OSH and Disaster Recovery
  • Hi-tech Marketing
  • Opportunity Development
  • Entrepreneurship