You may be required to complete your Engineering First Year over two years of study if you do not have the required background knowledge or if you fail some courses in your first attempt.

If you do not have the entrance requirements for BE(Hons) in Maths, Physics, and/or Chemistry, you may be required to take one or more introductory courses to build up your knowledge before attempting the following courses:

Introductory courses are all offered in the first semester of the year so it is possible to complete your Engineering First Year in one year of study. However, you may have to complete your Engineering First Year over summer school or over two years because:

  • The introductory course MATH101 must be taken IN ADDITION to the eight required Engineering First Year courses for your chosen discipline(s).
  • Summer school options vary from year to year. Find out more about what is offered during the Summer Programme.
  • If you need to take all three introductory courses, you are advised to spread your learning over two years of study. You will need to take some additional courses to make your coursework full-time. Contact the Future Student Advisors for advice.

Science Headstart courses can be taken during the summer before Semester One starts.