School Visits

The list of speakers below outlines who is available to visit your school, and the topics they can speak on. 

Academic Staff

Kim Rutter

Kim Rutter | Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kim Rutter is Director of UC’s Master of Engineering Management Programme. She is passionate about encouraging diversity of all kinds in engineering, and is the Academic Lead of our residential programme WiE CAN. Her areas of interest include Engineering Management, Engineering Economic Analysis, and Engineering Ethics.

She can talk to your students about the role of engineers in solving the world’s big problems (climate change, renewable energy, clean water, pollution and waste management, data security, the ethics of AI), and what the different types of engineers actually do.

Debbie Munro Profile Resized

Debbie Munro | Mechanical Engineering

Debbie Munro is the Lead for the Minor in Biomedical Engineering and the 2nd Year Director of Studies for Mechanical Engineering. She runs the Pacific Islands work experience where biomedical engineering students go to island nations such as Tonga and work with the Ministry of Health repairing hospital equipment, implementing solutions to medical and healthcare issues, and developing policies for sustainable practices.

She can talk to your students about her career at NASA, building robotic dinosaurs for the Jurassic Park Ride, and designing orthopaedic implants. She can also discuss biomedical engineering and what it takes to become one.

Craig McConnochie

Craig McConnochie | Civil and Natural Engineering

Craig McConnochie works in the Civil and Natural Resources engineering department at UC. He uses laboratory experiments to understand the flow of water in the ocean. Craig has spent a lot of time studying how the ocean is driving the melting of Antarctica and Greenland so that we can make better predictions about sea level rise.

He can talk to your students about climate change in the ocean and ice sheets as well as uses of fluid mechanics that are closer to home.

Mark Stringer

Mark Stringer | Civil and Natural Engineering

Mark Stringer obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, following research on the axial load distributions on piled foundations in liquefiable soils using a geotechnical centrifuge. Since joining the department at the University of Canterbury, Mark has been involved in a series of element testing projects on New Zealand soils, including the silty soils around Christchurch and more recently, the pumice-rich deposits of the North Island. As a core part of this work, Mark has been trialling the use of the innovative gel-push samplers developed by Kiso-Jiban consultants in Japan.


Logan Cane

Logan Cane | Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Logan hopes to use his Bachelor or Engineering (Hons) to work in the power industry. He is looking forward to taking part in the EPECentre field trip later this year. As an adult student, he uses his skills and experience to help others as an EngMe mentor.  

Thea Roughan

Thea Roughan | Product Design

Thea’s area of specialisation is in Chemical Formulation Design. As well as being an EngMe mentor, she is also a Senior Pasifika Mentor. Thea is an executive member of ProdSoc. Thea’s piece of advice for those who are considering studying in Chemical Formulation Design is “Communicate with peers and teachers about your ideas and seek feedback.”

Alex Medich

Alex Medich | Chemical and Process Engineering

Alex’s area of specialisation is Chemical and Process Engineering, with a minor in Renewable Energy. She has always loved challenging herself, and wanted to study something that she knew would have a real impact on society. She is currently on the executive team for Women in Engineering.

Elsa-Marie Hegarty

Elsa Hegarty | Natural Resources

Elsa’s enjoys her chosen discipline, as they look into how they can solve these current and future problems. Her advice? “Get involved, turn up and make the most of what UC has to offer! The more opportunities you take the more fun and friends you will make.”

Abby Field

Abigail Field | Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Abby intends to minor in Power Engineering. She has been both a mentee and a mentor for the EngMe! programme, and can vouch for the benefits. With so many career opportunities, her main goal is to use her engineering knowledge to help others in a sustainable way.

Luke Trenberth

Luke Trenberth | Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Luke took MATH199 STAR course, which gave him a taste for university. He’s a member of many clubs, including IEEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers UC), UC Aerospace, and CompSoc, as well as being involved with starting a new club, the MTG Society. His goal is to work in the aviation or aerospace industry.

Emma Lloyd-Doyle

Emma Lloyd | Electrical Engineering

With an interest in renewable resources, Emma intends to specialise in Power Systems. She loves the real-world applications of what they learn. She is President of Global China Connection Canterbury, and has been awarded Prime Ministers Scholarship to Asia, and UC Business and Law scholarship to South America

Sara-Louise Williams

Sara-Louise Williams | Chemical and Process Engineering

Sara-Louise recommends talking to older students to find out more about what different disciplines will be like, as well as getting involved in the mentoring system. She’s been involved with UC global Society as a wellbeing officer, UC Mentor as a senior mentor, UC Ultimate Club as a marketing executive, and UC EngMe as a mentor.

Hannah Page

Hannah Page | Mechatronics

Hannah was drawn to UC for its reputation of the College of Engineering, and the emphasis on ensuring a well-rounded university experience. Her advice to anyone considering studying Mechatronics: “Be curious! There is so much extra learning you can do by just chatting or observing how things in the world around you work.”

Cameron Gribbon

Cameron Gribbon | Civil Engineering

Cameron’s area of specialisation is Structural Engineering. He is currently the President of ENSOC, as well as being a Structural Design Engineer at BCD Group. His degree covers a wide range of Civil related topics. This year he chose structural and earthquake engineering papers, as they are most relevant to his position.

Jay Bhanu

Jay Bhanu | Civil Engineering

Jay’s area of work is in Structural/Earthquake engineering, but can be extended to other natural hazards and disaster mitigation as well. He is a member of QuakeCoRE Emerging Researchers’ Chapter, and he is always looking for opportunities to get involved in community outreach activities.

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