Honey, I shrunk the lab

21 June 2017

Engineer Volker Nock, from the University of Canterbury and the MacDiarmid Institute, has developed a lab-on-a-chip that allows biologists to precisely measure the forces exerted by living organisms - on a nano scale.

  • Volker_Nock_Honey_I_Shrunk_the_Lab

    Volker Nock, Ayelen Tayagui and Ashley Garrill - their work on lab-on-a-chip is an engineering and biology collaboration.

On 21 June, Dr Volker Nock and co-workers research into Lab-on-a-Chips and how they are used to investigate fungal invasive growth was featured on Radio New Zealand's Our Changing World programme. The team uses microfluidic chips fabricated in the Department's Nanofabrication facility to try to understand how miniature filaments extended by fungi are able to generate the significant forces required to invade plant cells. Understanding this process is important, as it may provide new ways to treat fungal infections of mammals and plants in the future.


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