Research Interests

Research interests include:
- Scaffold/biomaterial design for functional tissue-engineered implants: cell-biomaterial interactions; articular cartilage, bone, neural/nerve tissue engineering; smart/instructive biomaterials (i.e. inductive materials/architectures, growth factor/drug release, cell free solutions); engineered porous scaffold architectures (topology optimisation); anisotropic/biphasic scaffold design; biodegradation and mechanical function with respect to tissue integration; in vitro/in vivo models using committed, progenitor and stem cells.
- Solid Free-from Fabrication (SFF) of porous biomaterials: engineered porous scaffold architectures; development of SFF “friendly” biomaterials; SFF of porous polymeric, Ti/Ti-alloys, and ceramic biomaterials; electro-spinning; bone in-growth surfaces; bio-manufacturing/cell printing; clinical applications for customised implants/joint reconstruction.
- Mechanobiology of cells/connective tissues: measurement/optimisation of nutrient gradients (e.g. oxygen, glucose) and their subsequent effects on tissue formation; cellular responses to mechanical stimuli; computational/in vitro models; bioreactor design.
- Orthopaedic applications: total joint arthroplasty; proprioceptive ability of patients following TKA; wheelchair propulsion ability in SCI subjects; spinal fusion devices; biodegradable conduits for nerve/spinal cord regeneration; cell therapy/tissue engineering applications in regenerative medicine.

Recent Publications

  • Mutreja I., Woodfield T., Sperling S., Nock V., Evans JJ. and Alkaisi MM. (2015) Positive and negative bioimprinted polymeric substrates: new platforms for cell culture. Biofabrication 7(2) 25002: 13pp.
  • Mutreja I., Sperling S., Nock V., Alkaisi MM. and Woodfield TBF. (2014) Fabrication of Bioimprinted polymeric substrates with micro- and nano-scale topography: new platforms for cell culture. Pohang, South Korea: International Conference on Biofabrication 2014, 28 Sep-1 Oct 2014.
  • Rajendran K., Walsh MF., de Ruiter NJA., Chernoglazov AI., Panta RK., Butler APH., Butler PH., Bell ST., Anderson NG. and Woodfield TBF. (2014) Reducing beam hardening effects and metal artefacts using Medipix3RX: With applications from biomaterial science. Journal of Instrumentation 9: 1-11.
  • Khan-Edmundson A., Rodgers GW., Woodfield TBF., Hooper GJ. and Chase JG.. (2012) Tissue attenuation characteristics of acoustic emission signals for wear and degradation of total hip arthoplasty implants. In Biological and Medical Systems 8(1): 355-360.
  • Lang M., Chen XQ., Wang WH. and Woodfield T. (2012) Injection system for cellular assembly of 3D bio-tissue engineered constructs. Seoul, Korea: 8th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), 20-24 Aug 2012. : 287-292.