Thomas Woods

LecturerThomas Woods

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Design, as a tool is powerful, and when used correctly can progress not only the world around us, but also the very paths that we can imagine, foster and pursue, for ourselves. Therefore, responsible Design practice serves to function not only as a driver and agent of change, but a discover in and deliverer for better ways of living, which are both positive and impactful. After working extensively within the creative industries for over 18 years, I now endeavour with delivering this philosophy through practical and theoretical Design education, to the brightest and best minds that a world-class leading University affords.

Previous employments have leveraged: Model-Making / Prototyping, Toy-Design, Illustration, Concept Development for LEGO, Consultancy, Sales & Marketing, Brand Development, Enterprise, MA within Multidisciplinary Design and Innovation, PhD Researcher in Sustainability, and Lecturer for Product & Furniture Design, teaching core-skills and design-thinking.

Imperative to my current role, is encouraging the essential core-values in: user empathy, 1st hand experiential research, socially responsible design practice, structured design-process, ideageneration, communication/ teamwork, practicality in prototyping, drawing and Photoshop, design sketching and 3D model-making, critical awareness, reflective / reflexive practice and verbal / visual communication, to name a few.

Life for me, is ‘within the making’ of it, not just ‘what’ I choose to make. If you want to do something in life, and are also able, do it ‘because-you-can’, that’s all the reasoning you should
ever really need.