Investigating factors and inter-relationships that influence wellbeing using a range of research methods.


Research Interests

Currently, I am investigating how different societal and group factors can elicit transient changes in an individuals levels and types of authoritarian state. I use a range of longitudinal and momentary data with a focus on Bayesian methods and structural equation modelling.

More broadly, I use a number of data sources, including surveys, administrative data, and experimental data, to understand wellbeing. This is a complex topic that can involve a broad range of variables such as an individuals environment, relationships, or even physical health.

Recent Publications

  • Fox R., Johnson FN., Winter T. and Jose PE. (2023) The Māori Cultural Embeddedness Scale (MaCES): Initial evidence of structural validity.. Cultur Divers Ethnic Minor Psychol
  • Mason A., Riordan BC., Morley K., Winter T., Haber P. and Scarf D. (2023) High Risk or Risky Highs: Understanding the Links Between Alcohol and Cannabis Use on the Transition From Suicidal Ideation to Attempts in Australian Men. Archives of Suicide Research
  • Riordan BC., Winter T., Carey KB., Conner TS., Moradi S., Jang K., Reid KE., Mason A. and Scarf D. (2023) A combined web based intervention and ecological momentary intervention for reducing alcohol use among incoming first-year university students: Results from a three-arm randomised controlled trial. Addictive Behaviors 136
  • Winter T., Riordan BC., Pakpour AH., Griffiths MD., Mason A., Poulgrain JW. and Scarf D. (2023) Evaluation of the English Version of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale and Its Relationship with Behavior Change and Political Beliefs. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 21(1): 372-382.
  • Godward J., Riordan BC., Winter T., Ashton JC., Hunter J. and Scarf D. (2022) Lung Cancer Attracts Greater Stigma than Other Cancer Types in Aotearoa New Zealand. Journal of Oncology 2022