Steve Weddell

Associate ProfessorSteve Weddell

Link Rm 305
Internal Phone: 94419
I use machine learning in two specific fields of research: neuroengineering and adaptive optics. Our CDA website details other areas of our research.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:
-Embedded Systems - Control
-Digital Signal Processing - Imaging and Control, Applications
-Machine learning for prediction and classification
-Heterogeneous computer systems architecture
-Systolic computer architectures
-Digital signal and digital image processing

Recent Publications

  • Clare R., Weddell S. and Le Louarn M. (2020) Mitigation of truncation effects in elongated Shack-Hartmann laser guide star wavefront sensor images. Applied Optics 59: 6431-6442.
  • Mariappan A., Kumar VRS., Weddell S. and Muruganandan VA. (2020) Theoretical studies on space debris recycling and energy conversion system in the International Space Station. Wiley Engineering Reports ENG212317: 1-12.
  • Pike MD., Bose SK., Mallinson JB., Acharya SK., Shirai S., Galli E., Weddell SJ., Bones PJ., Arnold MD. and Brown SA. (2020) Atomic scale dynamics drive brain-like avalanches in percolating nanostructured networks. Nano Letters 20(5): 3935-3942.
  • Weddell S., Ayyagari S. and Jones R. (2020) Reservoir Computing Approaches to Microsleep Detection. Journal of Neural Engineering JNE-103634.R2.
  • Baseer Buriro A., Shoorangiz R., Weddell SJ. and Jones RD. (2018) Predicting microsleep states using EEG inter-channel relationships. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 26(12): 2260-2269.

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