Stefanie Gutschmidt

Senior LecturerStefanie Gutschmidt

Civil Mechanical E507
Internal Phone: 92206


Research Interests

Fundamental research activities include nonlinear dynamics of collective, resonator arrays and multi-physics interactions of coupled oscillators (e.g. fluid-structure interactions, MEMS, atomic-scale force interactions, piezo-electric actuation/sensing, etc.).

Application-oriented research efforts are ranging from nano/micro to macro-scale systems including: AFM array technology, non-contact AFM for soft, living biological samples, aquatic fish-like robots to monitor waterways, tree-traversing and -cutting robotics for safe wood harvesting.

Recent Publications

  • Jackson S. and Gutschmidt S. (2018) Utilization of a Two-Beam Cantilever Array for Enhanced Atomic Force Microscopy Sensitivity. Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, Transactions of the ASME 140(4)
  • Pons A. and Gutschmidt S. (2018) Multiparameter spectral analysis for aeroelastic instability problems. Journal of Applied Mechanics 85(6) 061011: 10.
  • Jackson S. and Gutschmidt S. (2017) Identification and analysis of artifacts in amplitude modulated atomic force microscopy array operation. Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics 12(5)
  • Jackson S., Gutschmidt S., Roeser D. and Sattel T. (2017) Development of a mathematical model and analytical solution of a coupled two-beam array with nonlinear tip forces for application to AFM. Nonlinear Dynamics 87(2): 775-787.
  • Pons A. and Gutschmidt S. (2017) Multiparameter Solution Methods for Semistructured Aeroelastic Flutter Problems. AIAA Journal 55(10): 3530-3538.