Stefanie Gutschmidt

Associate ProfessorStefanie Gutschmidt

Civil Mechanical E507
Internal Phone: 92206


Research Interests

Fundamental research activities include nonlinear dynamics of collective, resonant arrays and multi-physics interactions of coupled oscillators (e.g. fluid-structure interactions, MEMS, atomic-scale force interactions, piezo-electric actuation/sensing, etc.).

Application-oriented research efforts are ranging from nano/micro to macro-scale systems including: AFM array technology, sensor technology, underwater robotics to monitor waterways, tree-traversing and -cutting robotics for safe wood harvesting.

Recent Publications

  • Ande R., Gutschmidt S. and Sellier M. (2023) Fluid dynamics investigation of large array of beams oscillating close to a rigid surface. Journal of Fluids and Structures 117
  • Coe M. and Gutschmidt S. (2023) IKA-FLOW : A Flexible Body Overset Mesh Implementation for Fish Swimming. OpenFOAM® Journal 3: 75-119.
  • Ehrmann J., Reichert R., Gutschmidt S. and Sattel T. (2023) Steep resonance of parametrically excited active MEMS cantilevers for dynamic mode in Atomic Force Microscopy. PAMM 22(1)
  • Ande R., Gutschmidt S. and Sellier M. (2022) Non-linear finite-amplitude oscillations of the large beam arrays oscillating in viscous fluids. Journal of Applied Physics 132(17)
  • Ande R., Manickavasagam AK., Gutschmidt S. and Sellier M. (2022) Convergence and computational cost analysis of a boundary integral method applied to a rigid body moving in a viscous fluid in close proximity to a fixed boundary. Journal of Engineering Mathematics 132(1)