Sonia Giovinazzi

Sonia Giovinazzi

Internal Phone: 92262


Research Interests

Natural and man-induced hazard risk analysis
GIS-based territorial scale damage scenario analysis
Structure and infrastructure vulnerability analysis
Risk reduction strategies including mitigation strategies, emergency management and resilience enhancement strategies
Extreme events decision making
Seismic vulnerability assessment of unreinforced masonry and heritage/monumental buildings

Recent Publications

  • Kongar I., Esposito S. and Giovinazzi S. (2017) Post-earthquake assessment and management for infrastructure systems: learning from the Canterbury (New Zealand) and L’Aquila (Italy) earthquakes. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 15(2): 589-620.
  • Akaa OU., Abu A., Spearpoint M. and Giovinazzi S. (2016) A group-AHP decision analysis for the selection of applied fire protection to steel structures. Fire Safety Journal 86: 95-105.
  • Liu M., Giovinazzi S. and Beukman P. (2016) Post-earthquake performance indicators for sewerage systems. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Municipal Engineer 169(2): 74-84.
  • Liu M., Scheepbouwer E. and Giovinazzi S. (2016) Critical success factors for post-disaster infrastructure recovery: Learning from the Canterbury (NZ) earthquake recovery. Disaster Prevention and Management 25(5): 685-700.
  • Brown C., Stevenson J., Giovinazzi S., Seville E. and Vargo J. (2015) Factors influencing impacts on and recovery trends of organisations: evidence from the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 14(1): 56-72.