Sid Becker

Associate Dean (International, Postgraduate)Sid Becker

Civil Mechanical E506
Internal Phone: 92155

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Mathematical modelling, Building Services, HVAC, Biological media

Recent Publications

  • Becker S., Kuznetsov A., Zhao D., deMonte F. and Pontrelli G. (2021) Modelling of Mass Transport Processes in Biological Media. Elsevier.
  • Becker SM. (2017) Modeling of Microscale Transport in Biological Processes. xiii+380.
  • Becker SM. and Kuznetsov AV. (2015) Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Biological Processes. London: Academic Press. 428.
  • Becker S. and Kuznetsov A. (2013) Transport in Biological Media. 1-559.
  • Becker S. (2017) Modeling transdermal delivery by electroporation: The thermodynamic approach. Handbook of Electroporation: 1219-1235.