Sean Pourazadi

Sean Pourazadi

Link Rm 415
Internal Phone: 94083

Research Interests

I joined the department in 2016 after my PhD at The Laboratory for Sustainable Technology of Sydney University. My PhD thesis, under UsydIS scholarship, focused on synthesis of 3D-structured doped graphene materials for fuel cell and energy conversion application. Following the completion of my M.Sc in 2011, I spent a year at Fars Gas Company to sustain my prior links to industry. As a member of Gas Refining Centre of Excellence at Shiraz University and for my master, I focused on improving the performance of Naphtha Reforming process in oil refineries. In 2008, I graduated from School of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering of the same institution for my B.Sc.

Recent Publications

  • Faisal SN., Haque E., Noorbehesht N., Liu H., Islam MM., Shabnam L., Roy AK., Pourazadi E., Islam MS. and Harris AT. (2018) A quadrafunctional electrocatalyst of nickel/nickel oxide embedded N-graphene for oxygen reduction, oxygen evolution, hydrogen evolution and hydrogen peroxide oxidation reactions. Sustainable Energy and Fuels 2(9): 2081-2089.
  • Pourazadi E., Haque E., Faisal SN. and Harris AT. (2018) Identification of electrocatalytic oxygen reduction (ORR) activity of boron in graphene oxide; incorporated as a charge-adsorbate and/or substitutional p-type dopant. Materials Chemistry and Physics 207: 380-388.
  • Shahhosseini HR., Iranshahi D., Saeidi S., Pourazadi E. and Klemeš JJ. (2018) Multi-objective optimisation of steam methane reforming considering stoichiometric ratio indicator for methanol production. Journal of Cleaner Production 180: 655-665.
  • Haque E., Islam MM., Pourazadi E., Sarkar S., Harris AT., Minett AI., Yanmaz E., Alshehri SM., Ide Y. and Wu KCW. (2017) Boron-Functionalized Graphene Oxide-Organic Frameworks for Highly Efficient CO2 Capture. Chemistry - An Asian Journal 12(3): 283-288.
  • Marriott L. and Pourazadi E. (2017) Industrialisation of saline cultivation for second-generation biofuels: progress and challenges. Environmental Technology Reviews 6(1): 15-25.