Sarah Wyse

Lecturer in Forest EcologySarah Wyse

School of Forestry Room 151
Internal Phone: 91738


Research Interests

I am a Lecturer in Forest Ecology at the School of Forestry at the University of Canterbury. My interests lie in plant and forest ecology, and the resilience of these ecosystems to a changing environment. More specifically, my research has included questions on forest dynamics, plant eco-physiology, and fire ecology.

Recent Publications

  • Cui X., Paterson AM., Perry GL., Wyse SV., Alam MA., Huang C., Zhou S., Xiao L., Lai C. and He F. (2022) Intraspecific variation in shoot flammability in Dracophyllum rosmarinifolium is not predicted by habitat environmental conditions. Forest Ecosystems 9
  • Etherington TR., Brock JMR., Perry GLW. and Wyse SV. (2022) Implementing the transparency and openness promotion guidelines for data and code to support computational reproducibility within the New Zealand journal of ecology. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 46(1)
  • Etherington TR., Peltzer DA. and Wyse SV. (2022) Future climates are predicted to alter the potential distributions of non-native conifer species in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 46(1)
  • Wyse SV. and Hulme PE. (2022) Competition–colonisation trade-offs are found among but not within wind-dispersed Pinus species. Functional Ecology 36(4): 1023-1035.
  • Wyse SV., Etherington TR. and Hulme PE. (2022) Quantifying the risk of non-native conifer establishment across heterogeneous landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology 59(6): 1608-1618.