Roger Nokes

Mema o te Kaunihera
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E442
Internal Phone: 92046

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:
- Turbulent mixing in open channels
- Double-diffusive convection
- Mixing in stratified flows
- Internal gravity waves and intrusive flows
- Geophysical fluid dynamics
- Application of computer technology to experimental methods in fluid dynamics

Recent Publications

  • Ramakanth A., Davidson MJ. and Nokes RI. (2022) Laboratory study to quantify lower boundary influences on desalination discharges. Desalination 529
  • Niroomandi A., Pampanin S., Dhakal RP., Ashtiani MS. and Nokes R. (2021) Experimental study on the effects of bi-directional loading pattern on rectangular reinforced concrete walls. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 50(7): 2010-2030.
  • Ramakanth A., Davidson MJ. and Nokes RI. (2021) Impact Region of Nonbuoyant Orthogonal Discharge. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 147(12)
  • Köllner T., Meredith A., Nokes R. and Meiburg E. (2020) Gravity currents over fixed beds of monodisperse spheres. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 901
  • Al-Behadili AJM., Sellier M., Hewett J., Nokes R. and Moyers-Gonzalez M. (2019) Identification of Ellis rheological law from free surface velocity. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 263: 15-23.

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Professor Roger Nokes was elected by academic staff and is a member of the Finance, Planning and Resources Committee.