Professor Phil Bones

Emeritus ProfessorPhil Bones

Internal Phone: 94304

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:
-Image processing, in particular recovery of images by deconvolution, astronomical speckle imaging, medical imaging
-Machine vision
-Biomedical signal processing, especially EEG and ECG

Recent Publications

  • Mallinson JB., Heywood ZE., Daniels RK., Arnold MD., Bones PJ. and Brown SA. (2023) Reservoir computing using networks of memristors: effects of topology and heterogeneity.. Nanoscale
  • Bose SK., Mallinson JB., Galli E., Acharya SK., Minnai C., Bones PJ. and Brown SA. (2022) Neuromorphic behaviour in discontinuous metal films. Nanoscale Horizons 7(4): 437-445.
  • Daniels RK., Mallinson JB., Heywood ZE., Bones PJ., Arnold MD. and Brown SA. (2022) Reservoir computing with 3D nanowire networks. Neural Networks 154: 122-130.
  • Heywood Z., Mallinson J., Galli E., Acharya S., Bose S., Arnold M., Bones P. and Brown S. (2022) Self-organized nanoscale networks: are neuromorphic properties conserved in realistic device geometries? Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering 2(2): 024009-024009.
  • Acharya SK., Galli E., Mallinson JB., Bose SK., Wagner F., Heywood ZE., Bones PJ., Arnold MD. and Brown SA. (2021) Stochastic Spiking Behavior in Neuromorphic Networks Enables True Random Number Generation. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13(44): 52861-52870.