Peter Renaud

Peter Renaud

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Internal Phone: 95990

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include: functional analysis; ergodic theory; number theory; cryptography; clifford algebras; and quantum mechanics.

Recent Publications

  • Aamir R., Chernoglazov A., Bateman CJ., Butler APH., Butler PH., Anderson NG., Bell ST., Panta RK., Healy JL. and Mohr JL. (2014) MARS spectral molecular imaging of lamb tissue: Data collection and image analysis. Journal of Instrumentation 9(2) P02005: 12.
  • Rajendran K., Walsh MF., de Ruiter NJA., Chernoglazov AI., Panta RK., Butler APH., Butler PH., Bell ST., Anderson NG. and Woodfield TBF. (2014) Reducing beam hardening effects and metal artefacts using Medipix3RX: With applications from biomaterial science. Journal of Instrumentation 9: 1-11.