Patrick Geoghegan

TechnicianPatrick Henry Geoghegan

Scientific Officer


Research Interests

Experimental fluid mechanics and Aerodynamics. Wind tunnel experimental analysis. Arterial fluid structure interaction. Simulant model construction of biological tissue for blood flow analysis and forensic research. Digital image manipulation and analysis.

Recent Publications

  • Yazdi SG., Huetter L., Docherty PD., Williamson PN., Clucas D., Jermy M. and Geoghegan PH. (2019) A novel fabrication method for compliant silicone phantoms of arterial geometry for use in particle image velocimetry of haemodynamics. Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 9(18)
  • Adams CF., Geoghegan PH., Spence CJ. and Jermy MC. (2018) Modelling nasal high flow therapy effects on upper airway resistance and resistive work of breathing. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology 254: 23-29.
  • Yazdi SG., Geoghegan PH., Docherty PD., Jermy M. and Khanafer A. (2018) A Review of Arterial Phantom Fabrication Methods for Flow Measurement Using PIV Techniques. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 46(11): 1697-1721.
  • Docherty PD., Geoghegan PH., Huetter L., Jermy M. and Sellier M. (2017) Regressive cross-correlation of pressure signals in the region of stenosis: Insights from particle image velocimetry experimentation. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 32: 143-149.
  • Geoghegan PH., Jermy MC. and Nobes DS. (2017) A PIV comparison of the flow field and wall shear stress in rigid and compliant models of healthy carotid arteries. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 17(3)