Nick Emerson

Senior LecturerNick Emerson

Internal Phone: 91317


Research Interests

I am a senior lecturer in the School of Product Design, teaching Engineering Design and Analysis skills for Industrial Product Design students. I have a passion for teaching and am inspired by the creativity and flexibility of product design students. I am interested in the integration of engineering science, digital design, analysis, and manufacturing in the product design curriculum and considering how these techniques impact on productivity and project outcomes.

My background is in engineering design and applied simulation methods. Having worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for consultants Ove Arup and Partners, I returned to the University of Sheffield to undertake a PhD in 2009. My work used simulation methods and physical testing to aid in the diagnosis of the causes of suspected non-accidental injury in children. Since then I have held largely teaching-centric roles, augmented with industrial projects and consultancy work, undertaking design, testing, and analysis of orthopaedic devices, as well as structures for the oil and gas and automotive industries.

My ongoing research interests include the design and analysis of sports and rehabilitative equipment, and the integration of digital design and analysis tools in the product design process. I am also interested in the use of materials in product design, in particular engaging lower impact and waste materials within design. My teaching and service roles have driven an interest in pedagogical research, including the integration of digital design and engineering science in industrial product design, as well as the structuring and delivery of programs and courses for engineering and industrial product design.

Recent Publications

  • Howell S., Hall W. and Emerson N. (2020) Implementing an Integrated First-Year Engineering Curriculum with Mixed Teaching Approaches. ASEAN Journal of Engineering Education 4(1): 1-10.
  • Thiel DV., Worsey MTO., Klodzinski F., Emerson N. and Espinosa HG. (2020) A Penetrometer for Quantifying the Surface Stiffness of Sport Sand Surfaces. Proceedings 49(1): 64-64.
  • Emerson NJ., Morris T. and Potts JR. (2018) A Novel Putter Design to Minimise Range Variability in Golf Putts. Proceedings 2(6): 242-242.
  • Covill D., Allard P., Drouet JM. and Emerson N. (2016) An Assessment of Bicycle Frame Behaviour under Various Load Conditions Using Numerical Simulations. Procedia Engineering 147: 665-670.
  • Emerson NJ., Carré MJ., Reilly GC. and Offiah AC. (2013) Simulation based upon medical data offers a fast and robust method for the prediction of fracture risk. Procedia Engineering 60: 459-466.