Matthias Galster

ProfessorMatthias Galster

Director of Software Engineering
Jack Erskine 314


Research Interests

I conduct research in the area of software engineering. I am particularly interested in studying and improving the way we develop high quality software, including productive teams, processes and practices, and empirical software engineering. My focus is on software requirements engineering, software architecture, and software development processes and practices.

Recent Publications

  • Galster M. (2023) Foreword. UML-Based Software Product Line Engineering with SMarty : ix-xii.
  • Galster M. and Weyns D. (2023) Empirical research in software architecture — Perceptions of the community. Journal of Systems and Software 202
  • Galster M., Mitrovic A., Malinen S., Holland J. and Peiris P. (2023) Soft skills required from software professionals in New Zealand. Information and Software Technology 160
  • Luczak-Roesch M., Galster M. and Shedlock K. (2023) The Veracity Grand Challenge in Computing: A Perspective from Aotearoa New Zealand. Communications of the ACM 66(7): 67-69.
  • Lima C., Colana TE., Galster M., Machado I. and OliveiraJr E. (2023) Software product line architectures. UML-Based Software Product Line Engineering with SMarty: 41-55.