Matthias Galster

Associate ProfessorMatthias Galster

Director of Software Engineering
Jack Erskine 314
Internal Phone: 92172


Research Interests

I conduct research in the area of software engineering. I am particularly interested in studying and improving the way we develop high quality software, including productive teams, processes and practices, and empirical software engineering. My focus is on software requirements engineering, software architecture, and software development processes and practices.

Recent Publications

  • Felderer M., Galster M., Izurieta C. and Seaman C. (2022) Introduction to the Special Issue on value and waste in software engineering. Information and Software Technology 144
  • Licorish SA., Galster M., Kapitsaki GM. and Tahir A. (2022) Understanding students’ software development projects: Effort, performance, satisfaction, skills and their relation to the adequacy of outcomes developed. Journal of Systems and Software 186
  • Morales-Trujillo ME., Galster M., Gilson F. and Mathews M. (2021) A Three-Year Study on Peer Evaluation in a Software Engineering Project Course. IEEE Transactions on Education
  • Silva CC., Galster M. and Gilson F. (2021) Topic modeling in software engineering research. Empirical Software Engineering 26(6)
  • Galster M., Mistrik I. and Maxim B. (2019) Variability-intensive Software Systems. In Mistrik I; Galster M; Maxim B (Ed.), Software Engineering for Variability Intensive Systems: 1-38.Auerbach Publications / Taylor & Francis.